White Standard Ready To Use

The precharged Fujitsu Standard Capacity is the perfect battery for everyday use in devices that need to be recharged often. Wireless game controllers, LED flashlights, radios, wireless computer peripherals and GPS devices are perfect applications for these batteries. When you run out of power, simply recharge them and pop them back in. You can repeat this up to 2100 times, saving your money and the planet in the process.

Choose the right one for your device

Re-using each battery thousands of times is a great way to save money and the environment.

After only a few cycles of recharge, your investment in Fujitsu rechargeables is returned and you can continue to use them for years. In addition, you are saving the planet from all the single-use batteries you would be throwing away.

Built to last ready-to-use

These top-of-the-line rechargeable batteries excel with low self discharge technology. This enables them to stay charged for years and that way they are always ready-to-use. The Fujitsu Premium High Capacity retains approximately 85% of its charge after 1 year in storage. It is ready-to-use straight out of the package.

Environmentally friendly

When you buy Fujitsu rechargeable batteries, you get them precharged from the factory, with clean solar energy. They are an ecologically conscious and economical choice for your energy needs. Go green with Fujitsu White!

Low temperatures? No problem.

Fujitsu rechargeable batteries are suitable for low temperatures and can be used at as low as -20℃. They are able to maintain a low self discharge performance even in low temperatures where competing products fail.



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White Standard Ready To Use

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