Chargers for NiMH batteries

Reuse, recharge! To use one NiMH battery hundreds of times and have it always ready when you need it most, choose convenient and fast Fujitsu chargers. For a quality and reliable charging of your batteries, choose the new Fujitsu charger models.

Choose the right one for your device

Quick charger Safe, flexible, easy to use

The new Fujitsu quick charger is up to 4 times quicker than standard overnight charger. It has multiple safety features and is able to charge any battery combination – mixed AA and AAA batteries in 4 separate channels individually. The useful Smart charge cut-off function keeps your batteries safe from overcharging.

Standard charger Best solution for daily usage

Plug in the charger before going to bed and your batteries are fully charged when you wake up in the morning. It protects your batteries by detecting alkaline batteries and wrong positioning and 8 hour timer shut off ensures batteries are not overcharged. For a reliable and safe charging.



High Power

Universal Power


Black Premium Ready To Use

White Standard Ready To Use

High Capacity NiMH


Carbon Zinc

Heavy Duty

General Purpose


Lithium Special

Alkaline Special