Consumer Batteries

For best performance and reliability choose batteries engineered in Japan. Fujitsu consumer batteries are the top of the line choice for all devices, made by a world`s largest manufacturer of NiMH batteries using the most advanced technologies and decades of manufacturing expertise.

Quality made in Japan Superior engineering and innovative technology

Fujitsu rechargeable batteries are made in Japan using cutting edge technology and decades of expertise. All Fujitsu batteries are engineered in Japan and feature the world’s top level performance. Your energy needs are in good hands.

Improved alkaline batteries Made for quality, power and reliability

Our new alkaline line-up offers longer runtime than previous models. The batteries offer superior performance and reliability using specialized anti-leakage technology. They lock in power for up to 10 years. Your devices will enjoy these improved Fujitsu alkaline batteries.

Rechargeable batteries made in Japan One battery or 2100 batteries?

This innovative ready-to-use rechargeable battery is an economic, eco-friendly and long-lasting solution for devices that require more power. Why not try this high quality, reliable and rechargeable solution to your energy needs?



High Power

Universal Power


Black Premium Ready To Use

White Standard Ready To Use

High Capacity NiMH


Carbon Zinc

Heavy Duty

General Purpose


Lithium Special

Alkaline Special